Anonymous asked: HE -IS- LIKE A BABY DUCK





who are you?!

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Pyro spinning on a chair for all of your Pyro-spinning-on-a-chair needs {x}

because reasons

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/cries over how cute Pyro is/

don’t even talk to me about Pyro agh

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the girl i like set me up with the guy i used to like so that i could go to prom i’m gonna fuckin’ cry she’s so nice

it’s gonna be so awkward though

lemme explain this as best i can using fake names



i liked charles, charles didn’t like me, charles is my friend, i got over him, i like rose, i’m rose’s friend, rose likes james, alex asked her to prom, alex and james are friends, rose thinks i like charles, rose convinced charles to ask me to prom

charles knows I like rose, rose thinks I like charles, i know rose likes james, alex likes rose

so basically i get to play a game where i pretend not to like rose, charles pretends we’re all just platonic buddies, rose pretends not to like james, and alex has no idea about any of this

it’s like being back in middle school

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Anonymous asked: yes i have a degree of brain science from the international collage of brian science and i can 100% confirm that ur convinced ur lucifer. ur very troubled. ur url is def a symptom of ur religious psychosis. 10/10 doctors of brian sceince agree.


oh well there you have it folks

…I use “ur” when I’m being sarcastic. It was a joke. Making fun of the anon who failed to read the faq page. no? ok.

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Anonymous asked: 6 and 14

6. Ever been at the center of fandom drama?

Okay, so, there was this post. And I barely paid attention to the rest of it, because I wasn’t even in the fandom. But it said, in these approximate words, “Aphrodite isn’t the goddess of liking cishet white dudes”. And since I’m both a pagan and a classicist, I couldn’t resist observing that the dude Aphrodite liked in the original myths was so painfully cishet white macho dude that even the ROMANS were like “uhhh… we’re gonna worship another god of war, you’re too macho”. And mind you, this is Ancient Rome, where “bottom” is pretty much the worst insult in the world, where beards are considered to be things pansies have.

But everyone took it to mean I was disagreeing with the bit about Aphrodite’s kids (PJO) being open to queer people, which of course I wasn’t, I think anyone being open to queer people is cool because I’m queer, but they kept insisting I was saying that her kids couldn’t be pro-queer just because she wasn’t pro-queer and I was like “???/??” and so I eventually just left because fans were crawling out of the woodworks to call me queerphobic.

 14. What would your parent/guardian/family friend think if they saw your tumblr?

Okay, so, I have a bunch of these “parent” people. Lemme see…

Dad - he’d cringe a little bit at my gay ships, but otherwise be fine.

Mum - she’d ground me for life. Partially because I write/read smut, partially because I say “fuck” allllll the time and that’s *clears throat and reads from notecards* distasteful and unladylike.

Stepmum - she’d shrug and move on.

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have a picture of my dog as an apology for not posting IC for ages

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32, 613 people understand this. Please explain


nobody say a word


"They said not a word."

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we may have a problem

see this fuckin’ spear that not-hydra-but-still-hydra has?

yeah, the one SHIELD managed to lose?

and how Tony was immune to it?

because of this?

which was removed?


tony stark is now vulnerable to a weapon which is now in the hands of eviiiiiiil

and y’all motherfuckers wondered why i hated iron man 3 so much smh

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